Manufacturer of logistics packaging. We also specialize in offset printing, an industrial variety of flat printing.

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10 years

We have more than ten years of experience in the production of envelopes and printing, and we can boast of cooperation m.in. with the largest companies in the country and abroad. Our rich assortment consists of refined products co-created by experienced and qualified paper and plastic specialists. The full range of products that we have prepared for you allows you to properly prepare any shipment for the farthest journey.


Foil courier envelopes, secure and self-adhesive pockets are a solution that guarantees the security and confidentiality of transported items and documents. The use of modern plastics, on the one hand, provides adequate protection against the effects of atmospheric conditions, moisture or UV radiation, on the other hand, excludes spontaneous tearing or ripping. A number of security features and special seals, as well as intelligent labeling, in turn, protect against the sight of unauthorized persons.


The manufacturer’s offer is complemented by a wide range of bubble envelopes, allowing to protect the shipment from mechanical damage, as well as packaging materials such as adhesive tapes, stretch films and shipping warning labels. In the production process we use environmentally friendly raw materials, so all products are recyclable and largely biodegradable.

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